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Career HVAC professional, John Rocheleau created Innovative Trades Solutions, LLC (ITS), in 2010, with the dual purpose of inventing American-made, innovative Mechanical Products for the plumbing & HVAC trades, and creating copyrighted Business Systems to help Building Tradesmen, in general, to be more Professional, Productive and Profitable.

Our mechanical products are offered to Plumbing & Mechanical tradesmen who desire to produce systems of uncompromising quality, value, function and form. We do not compete with foreign-made products; our customers do not sell on price; our products are in a league of their own, patented, and have no equal.

All ITS products are made in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

The pages on this site present ITS products.

Call us for pricing:  800-598-5949 – M-F, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (EST).